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24/7 technical assistance at home

Unclogging GuimarãesBricoVitor has been in the national market since 2005 in terms of unclogging – whether in the domestic or industrial setting. We cherish for the knowledge and innovation of our services (all teams, in the field, have experience in handling various equipment in all types of unclogging services).

Hotline – (+351) 936 408 200

Contacts – (+351) 931 150 000 – (+351) 210 006 109 – (+351) 220 035 909

Guimarães Unclogging,

Specialized Technicians

BricoVitor offers several unclogging services:

  • Industrial and domestic sewer drains;
  • Pipe unclogging;
  • Sanitation unclogging;
  • Pit aspiration;
  • Video Inspection;
  • Leak Detection;
  • Grease separator;
  • Toilet Unclogging.

BricoVitor – Present in the market since 2005!
Portuguese company operates Sewage Unclogging service in Guimarães.

Clogged Pipes?

Having problems with your plumbing? You’ve tried everything and your pipe is still clogged.
Look no further WE ARE your BEST SOLUTION!
BricoVitor has 24-hour services to help you when you need it the most…

24/7 Unclogging Service

The company presents a wide service and equipment to clean or maintain pipes through high pressure washing.
You must contact us through our traditional lines or even through the WhatsApp application, if you want to send an e-mail, use


The values of the unclogging service can only be indicated by the technical part;
Get in touch with us so that a professional can talk to you and indicate the best quote based on the situation.

24/7 Unclogging Specialist Company

Unclogging at the best price

If you have a clogged pipe and don’t know what to do, contact us. We guarantee the best price on the market, without breaking the plumbing or walls. With BricoVitor there are never any surprises when making the payment.

Mechanized Unclogging

If you need an urgent unclogging service in Guimarães, know that you can count on BricoVitor.
We have mechanized unclogging equipment.

Unclogging Guimarães Urgent

We carry out water leak research, infiltration detection, video inspection and many other services.
Our unclogging is carried out by high power equipment, providing a fast and quality service.

Home Unclogging Services

Because we are a benchmark company in all types of domestic unclogging services in commercial and industrial spaces.

Pit Aspiration

Our team of technicians duly qualified for the service, wants to give you a high degree of satisfaction, making you feel more relaxed about the problem you encountered.

We can solve all types os aspirations.

Sewage and Plumbing Unclogging

We work with state-of-the-art equipment in order to respond to the needs of our customers.
In this way we find solutions to problems both in plumbing and in the sewer system.
We have adequate machinery and a professional certified technical team to carry out the service.

“We are a company with experience and professionalism in the field of domestic and industrial unclogging!”

Guimarães Unclogging,

Toilet Unclogging

Do you need help with clogs in your plumbing, toilet, sewer or sanitation?

Because BricoVitor – Unclogging Sewers Services, is the right help for you and your problem!!
With the most up-to-date machinery in the field of unclogging, sewage and plumbing cleaning, we have a 24-hour service at your disposal.

Sewage Unclogging

We present teams of professionals specialized in unclogging and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows an assessment and resolution of the clogged problem, quickly and effectively.
Regardless of the type of problem that may be happening, our professionals are able to solve it without disturbing your routine.
We have permanent support 24 hours a day, including holidays and weekends.

Plumbing Unclogging

Our 24/7 service including holidays and weekends.
It also includes the unclogging and cleaning of: collecting sewage boxes (street, kitchen, w.c), pipes, pit, toilets, sinks, gutters etc.

Sanitation Unclogging

At the moment we do not only have an unclogging service, but also a 24-hour plumber and electrician service, in an emergency format.
Get in touch via our 24-hour hotline(+351) 936 408 200.
So that we can send a technician to your home or place of work.

Gutter Unclogging

Contact us to request a quote!

Guimarães Unclogging,

Sink Unclogging

Don’t despair, we are the solution!!
Our team is properly experienced to solve all problems. In this way we can provide a quick and effective response to your problems.

Guimarães Plumbing, Sewers and Sanitation  

All technical teams are duly qualified and are accompanied by specific and suitable equipment for any type of clogging that may be occurring on your place. The service is performed without causing inconvenience or chaos in your home.
Don’t wait, call and check the quality of our sewer unclogging service!

High Pressure Water Jet Unclogging

Unclogging through the water jet is a process when high pressure (water) is used to eliminate any type of obstruction in the pipeline.
Did you know that the use of water jet is considered by professionals as a sophisticated and efficient means of eliminate all types of existing obstructions?
Bear in mind that this type of activity/service should only be performed by qualified professionals certified to comply with all the imposed standards.


The hose, with a specific fitting end, is connected to a pressure machine, which in most cases is attached to a truck. Water pressure will allow obstructions to break down and decompose, regardless of their type.
The average capacity of these equipment goes up to 280L of water per minute. This makes possible to dissolve all obstructions, without causing any type of damage or risk to the pipeline. There are, however, basic requirements to perform this type of unclogging. For example video inspection – whereby a camera is inserted through the pipe in order to visualize the obstruction/obstacle. The video inspection also helps with the previous verification of the plumbing/pipe in order to choose the most appropriate mechanism for the location.


In short, we can say that the use of the water jet to unclog sewage, pipes, sanitation (…) by the company BricoVitor is a safe procedure, which does not place any type of risk to the plumbing.
We believe it is the best choice in chaos situations.
The company stands out in the national market for over 15 years highlighting quality and innovation and always presenting the best option considering the situation.


  • Efficiency and speed in clearing waste;
  • It only uses pressurized water;
  • No need to use any chemicals;
  • Does not cause any damage in the pipeline

ATTENTION: Problems with clogs in your home, condominium or business, it is possible to count on with our high pressure technology (water jet unclogging).

Call BricoVitor to verify the veracity and efficiency of our work!

Guimarães Unclogging,

Domestic Unclogging

Our company is available to solve any problem with your plumbing.
Or any other situation related to the pipeline.

Industrial unclogging

The company already has more than 15 years of service nationwide, solving problems with cleaning and unclogging sewage, sanitation, plumbing (domestic or industrial), grease traps, vacuuming of floods and post-floods, cleaning/unclogging garbage bins…

We want to be your 1st option, always giving you a solution…

Sewer and Sanitation Plumbing Unclogging Company

We have an extensive technical experience, qualified and duly updated, which allows us to reach and respond to the needs of our customers, and future customers on a national scale.

BricoVitor always guarantees a quick and effective response by locating the service and scheduling it.

Therefore, be duly informed that all the services performed by us are carried out with extreme success!

Video inspection

You can prove the same, through our inspection service. It allows you to check the plumbing, drainage and sanitation systems, building pipes, or any plumbing, including chimneys. The respective video is sent to the customer and is accompanied by a service report.

Leak Detection

Leakage detection service – We have specific and adequate equipment to carry out the intervention in a non-evasive way.

We present an efficient and fast service.
Infiltrations of domestic/industrial content are normal situations, however it is important to understand the reasons for the appearances.
They usually appear on walls, floors, pipes. Through the non-invasive leak detection process, it allows us to identify the source.

Certified Technician

In conclusion, why should you choose our company? Because our technical team investigates the problem, minimizing inconvenience as much as possible.
In this way, our professionals intend to give a guarantee of confidence to the customer, so that he is properly reassured in relation to the resolution of the problem initially presented.
In addition, all our techniques are selected and properly indicated for the type of situation that is reported, as well as the machinery used.Guimarães Unclogging,

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